Framed 200W 18V poly solar panel

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: OLLIN, Ollin Photovotaic
Model Number: OL-200-54P
Cell size: 156mmx156mm
Type: Half Cell
Panel Dimensions: 1340*1002*45
Panel Efficiency: 22%
Certificate: CE, CE/TUV
Warranty: 3months-1year
Junction Box: junction box with MC4 connector
Frame: Anodized Alluminium Alloy
Solar cell: Poly 156*156 Cell
Color: Blue and Dark Blue
Weight(Kg): 10kg
main market: Asia EU Africa,India,Pakistan


Type OL-200
Max-Power Pm(W) 200
Module-Power Range(W) 205>Pm>200
Power Tolerance(W) +0~+5
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V) 32.30
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp/V) 27.21
Short Circuit Current(Isc/A) 8.09
Maximum Power Current(Imp/A) 7.36
Module Efficiency(%) 13.65
Power Tolerance -0~+3%
Standard Test Condition(STC) Irradiance 1000W/m2,Cell Temperature 25℃,Air Mass1.5

Framed 200W 18V poly solar panel

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